The difference between the organic vegetables and green vegetables

       Organic vegetables

The so-called organic vegetables,Refers to the organic agricultural production system、In the origin of ecological environmental quality conform to the provisions of standard、The production process does not use any harmful chemical synthesis of pesticides、Such as chemical fertilizers,According to the international organic agriculture production requirements and production and processing of the corresponding standard,And authenticated by the independent organic food certification institution of vegetable products for human consumption。What is the meaning of organic vegetables,What is organic vegetables,Organic vegetables are usually need to meet the following four conditions:1、Raw materials must be from the organic agricultural production system, or using organic collection of wild natural products;2、Products in the whole process must strictly follow the production of organic vegetables、Processing、The packing、Storage、Transportation requirements;3、Producers in organic vegetable production、Processing、Has a perfect quality tracking examination system in the process of circulation and complete production and sales records;。【In more detail】

       Green vegetables

Green vegetables,According to the concept of green food,Green vegetables is refers to follow the principle of sustainable development,In the origin of the ecological environment under the premise of good,According to the specific quality standard system of production,And the specialized agencies,Allows the use of green food signs of pollution-free safety、High quality、Nutrition is the floorboard of the vegetables。
  “Green vegetables”Is a kind of green food,Refers to the vegetables in the process of production of pesticide residues in vegetables after using the pesticide residue index is lower than the national or international standards。So said,“Green products”Is relative,Is not absolute,Assess“Green products”Also depends on other indicators:For example“Green products”The production process on the environment、The soil、The groundwater pollution,Energy saving of energy;“Green products”In use process is safe and healthy to people,There are no damage to the environment...
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Nutritional value of organic vegetables

Organic vegetables

   Organic vegetables nutritional value

The American chemical society(ACS)The host《Agricultural and food chemistry》Journal published a latest research results:In the organic fields planting vegetable flavonoids will be multiplied。After ten years of research,Allison·Mitchell and his colleagues in the same planting condition,Compared the two tomatoes in the field of the main flavonoids。Result is organic plots of tomato sample flavonoids levels increased significantly,In conventional tillage experiment under the condition of the field sample level of flavonoids almost did not change significantly。And,The data indicate,The level of flavonoids is proportional to the accumulation of organic material in the soil,How much is inversely proportional to the level of use and fertilizers。【In more detail】

The organic vegetables planting

     Organic vegetables planting

Due to the process of cultivation is not allowed to use synthetic pesticides、Fertilizer、Herbicides、Growth regulator, etc,So,Inevitably in the cultivation of Chinese caterpillar fungus ill put forward different conventional fertilization and vegetables。
  Base plots of land should be complete,Meantime cannot have plots for the regular production,But allow organic conversion block exists;Organic vegetable production base with conventional plot junction must be clearly marked,Like a river、The hills、Establish the median of the human and so on。From conventional production systems to organic production often need2Years time,Later, the planting vegetables after harvest,Only can be used as organic products;Perennial vegetables need to pass before harvest3Year conversion time can be organic crops。The beginning of the transition time from the computation since the day that apply to the certification body for certification,Producers must be completely in accordance with the requirements of organic production during the switch operation。By the1Years in the field of organic converted to grow vegetables,Can be used as organic conversion crop sales。
  Conversion principle:In conventional agricultural production into organic agricultural production in the process of transformation,There is no universal concepts and fixed mode,The key is to abide by the basic principles of organic agriculture...
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Organic vegetables

Organic vegetables encyclopedic knowledge

How to choose and buy organic vegetables

Organic vegetables  Organic vegetables  Organic vegetables  Organic vegetables

Look at the packing。Organic vegetables when the choose and buy should pay attention to whether clearly marked on bag producer and verify the relevant information of the unit(The name、Address、The phone)And so on,Can be based on the information to the relevant website or the related department to query。

See the certification。When the choose and buy organic vegetables,Attention should be paid to certification marks on the packaging,One of the most authoritative organic food certification institution in our country is the state environmental protection administration of organic food development center(OFDC)。【In more detail】

Stores。The choose and buy organic vegetables to choose regular stores。Consumers can go to the organic food store or supermarket to buy,As the market vendors source of vegetables often transform,Is not stable。【In more detail】

Taste the taste。Organic vegetables taste crisp,It is to you feel fresh,Even after cooking,Or there will be a different feeling,The palate is not processed vegetables can be made。

The development status of organic vegetables

       The development status of organic vegetables

  Relevant information on organic vegetables without pesticides、Fertilizer,Planting requirement is very strict。Eat at ease,Also a preventive against cancer。Over the years in a row,Some people start to buy original life net organic vegetables,But as a result of price reason people spending less,Purchases are low。
  Although organic vegetables have some fixed customer base,But the high price is a known fact,Even in the Spring Festival shopping season is tepid,Unable to cause the desire to buy more citizens。
  Many consumers said,Wide variety of goods“Green”、“Organic”、“Pollution-free”Mark let consumers is difficult to distinguish。2007Years1Month《Weekly quality report》Reports,Shenyang company without the permission of the national legal institutions,Use other company's green food mark selling vegetables,To ordinary vegetables fake green vegetables,More than a dozen large supermarket in shenyang。Organic health healthThe fruit ofWhite 'duck eggs【In more detail】